Software Product Developer

Location: Asia-Pacific - Singapore
BU/Function: Software BU
Seniority: Manager & Professionals
Job Code: 1308

Job Responsibilities

The Software Product Developer is responsible for managing and defining the development of features that will define and expand Razer’s RazerID account system.

  • Assessing competitor gaming software landscapes and understanding the market for gaming software products and applications in gaming\r\n
  • Driving the team in defining the product requirements\r\n
  • Outlining the expected user experience for each software product that is created by the PD (Product Developer) for use as a guideline for the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) team, within Razer as it pertains to gaming\r\n
  • Give ergonomic inputs and possible use case scenarios to the UI/UX team, from a gamer’s point of view\r\n
  • Working closely with engineering, marketing, design, and technology groups to execute the plan as laid out and driven by the Program Manager to get the product out on time and in line with the agreed upon product requirements\r\n
  • Participation in creating an overall account system product software strategy for implementation across all Razer software products\r\n
  • Evaluating gaming software technology and software technology roadmaps pertinent to RazerID account management\r\n
  • Participation in creating gaming software product roadmap for the business unit\r\n
  • Working closely with other PD groups (Software/Peripherals/Systems) while always looking for hardware/software synergy between all Razer products\r\n


  • BS Degree in a Technology-based engineering discipline or equivalent (Technical marketing)\r\n
  • Preferred but not required; MS Degree in Engineering/Marketing or adjacency discipline\r\n
  • Product development activities surrounding account mangament\r\n
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in product development or similar

Special Considerations

  • Attuned with latest technology and gadgets\r\n
  • Avid gamer – familiar with various genres of games, game-play, and behaviours\r\n
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal\r\n
  • Strong attention to detail in high-pressure situations\r\n
  • Technically creative and innovative\r\n
  • Able to work well in a global team environment\r\n
  • Outstanding ability to research and analyze technical topics